I started having major sleeping problems about a month ago. I went days without sleep and I didn’t know why. It hit me all at once and insomnia was just not what I need right now. I tried meditation and journaling to see if these would help me and decided my anxiety and depression was too bad with my lack of sleep that I needed medication. My doctor started me on Lexapro 5 mg for a week and now I am up to 10 mg and it’s only been a week on the 10 mg. I’m still having so much trouble sleeping and I notice my panic attacks and anxiety are at an all time high. I need Ativan to help me get any sleep at all, but I’m worried of getting addicted to Ativan for sleep so some nights I try to sleep on my own without it and it’s just not possible.
Will Lexapro ever help with my sleeping and anxiety issues with sleep or should I be trying a different path? I know it’s only been a week on the 10 mg but I’m just so exhausted and I need advice.