Hello. I have never asked a question on here and I have been going through a pretty rough time. So I was originally on Cymbalta and buspar for about 6 months and I had night sweats and a foggy mind so my psych switched to lexapro. I started out on 5 mg and I was okay until about the second week were i felt more anxiety. My psych increased to 10mg where i felt horrible. I had intrusive thoughts which i never experienced before. I was on 10mg for 1 week and the thoughts became unbearable so my psych increased to 15mg in hopes of it working it faster. Well now i am on week 4 and I have NO anxiety and my intrusive thoughts are completely gone but I feel spaced out and depressed. I have no feeling or motivation to study or live life. My psych said that he has seen these symptoms go away with some people but prescribed me zoology and said it was up to me to decide if I want to switch to zoology and try out another medication. I just want to know if anyone experienced these symptoms before on lexapro and if anyone had good experiences on Zooloft. Any help would be greatly appreciated