I have been taking Xanax off and on for over 10 years. I have never taken more than 0.25mg unless I was having a severe panic attack and never more than once a day when I take it. I usually have panic at night and that is when I take it, and only when it so bad I need it. However lately it has become troublesome, I will take it, my panic will curb and fall asleep but will wake up a few hours later with my heart racing and sweating, and it is hard to go back to sleep. In the morning I will wake up with anxiety. I have tried increasing the dose or taking another tiny piece when I wake up but it seems to make it worse. Reducing the dose causes the sweats too. I don't understand why all of a sudden my reaction to this drug is different.
I switched to Ativan .5 mg which doesn't work as well or very quickly. But seem to be starting to have problems with it too.
On a side note- I am post menopausal and dealt with night sweats in the past because of it but these night sweats etc happen when I take Xanax.
Why isn't the drug working anymore?
Thank you