I was on Lexapro for about a year and a half 5 years ago. Recently, at the beginning of this month, it’s like something in my brain snapped and I started having unbearable panic episodes which led me to the hospital and then my GP, who started me back on Lexapro 10 mg. I’m on day 5, and every day I’ve woken up nauseous, with diarrhea, sweaty, uncomfortable. These symptoms don’t actually bother me much because I expect they’ll subside soon, but how long is it normal to have the side effects? The one that has really been bothering me is my mental state. I feel so weird. A lot of the past five days I feel one of four things: on the verge of a big panic attack, generally unbearably anxious, terribly unmotivated and sad and trapped with feelings like “am I going to feel like this forever” (which I’ve had due to MDD before Lexapro, but it seems extra nagging now), or I’ll occasionally feel “too” good... almost like it feels fake or tiring or like I’m on a stimulant. I have seen very slight positive changes in terms of mood, but tell me if these feelings are normal? They’re scaring me. How long will this last?