I am on 7.5mg Lexapro for 6 days now, could this be effective should I not wait and just goto 10mg? Positive responses please.
I started Lexapro about 20 days ago at 5mg. After about 2 weeks, pdoctor increased it to 7.5mg due to my sensitivity to Zoloft that I was on (weaning off currently and down to 12.5mg). I lived a very happy and anxiety free life with only 50mg Zoloft and 0.5mg Klonopin for 12 years. I have been on 7.5mg for 6 days now, 20 days on 5mg, and I feel a bit better, but now sure how much better I feel. I still have worries about getting back to my life and work (I look off of work since my anxiety got pretty bad and it has been 3 months now).
Anyone experienced positive results with less than 10mg? How long before I would know? And also, how do I know I am better? Worries about going back to work after 3-4 months are somewhat normal, but should I be worry free in order to know I am good and at the right dose?

Thank You