I have had mild anxiety for about 10 years that I was able to handle without medication. about five years ago it got worse so I went to a doctor and was put on Prozac 10 mg. I took that for a few months and didn’t notice much results so stopped taking it. Recently my anxiety has increased a lot so I went back to see a doctor and was prescribed Lexapro 10mg. I took it the first day and had crazy panic attacks all day long. I felt derealization and it was terribly scary because I didn’t know what it was. I’ve read that you have to get through the side effects for it to work so I took it again the next day and had even worst panic attacks. Almost went to the emergency room 100 times. I am now taking my Klonopin way more than I ever have. I haven’t taken the Lexapro for two full days now (doctor said to stop) and I’m not feeling good. I can’t stop crying and the anxiety is out of control. I can only sleep for two hours at a time and wake up pouring sweat and panicking. Will this ever end?