Hi, I have super bad anxiety and depression. I was on Lexapro and Wellbutrin about a year ago when I stopped. I tried to take the Lexapro again but it made my heart beat irregular and ended up in the hopsital.

Lately I've been having super bad panic attacks to the point I knew it was time to see a doctor.

My primary care doctor prescribed me 20 mg of Prozac and I have klonopin for when I need it. I take .25 when I take it.

Anyways.. today was my first day taking it I was very nervous to because of all the weird side effects.. but I did it.

Felt a little uneasy.. kinda out of it. And have a massive headache that won't go away. I ate breakfast and took it around 12:40 and it's almost 8 pm and still have this headache with a little dizziness. :( my boyfriend bought McDonald's for dinner I ate my fry and felt kinda nauseous right after then had a bit of diarrhea.. is that normal? To feel like eating then once you do you feel sick? It kinda is making me more anxious too.. which I'm trying hard not to take a klonopin. Also sometimes unvoluntery movements like a twich in my fingers or something.

Anyways, are those normal side effects that will go away soon?

I'm thinking about asking the dr tomorrow to send me a script of 10 for a week or 2 so I can get it in my system without feeling like this.. good idea or no?

Need help I'm close to already quitting it and I just started it today :/

Just want my constant panic attacks to go away.. ( mainly about health issues.. I obsess about getting cancer and having seizures etc. )

I heard Prozac isn't even the best for my condition but I don't know I'm going crazy.