I need some moral support here please, I just upped my dose to 20mg today. I have been on 15mg of Lexapro for 35 days and although I saw pretty good improvements (was on 10 for 2 months), I am still having anxiety issues, levels 2-3 on scale of 10) about weekends coming up or the holidays, things that I never worried about just 7 months ago before my ordeal started. I still need 1-1.25mg of Klonopin to deal with my anxiety. I was hoping that 15mg was going to eliminate the need for Klonopin. My doctor asked me to go up to 20 as of today which I already did.
Please give me some positive advise, expectations etc... to keep me going
I am a bit anxious about the initial side effects of it. They have been pretty mild in the past up dosing.

Thank You