I was prescribed lexapro 10 mg for severe anxiety/ depression. Today is my 4th day and I've already had 1 panic attack the second day I was on the medication. I had not had any panic attacks for a while before starting this medicine which is what raised my concern. I take the lexapro in the mornings, and find myself having major anxiety almost right after taking the pill. More so in the afternoons. So bad today that I had to leave school and missed a class. I am flying out of state in 4 days and am a nervous wreck about being able to contain myself on the plane. I get very nervous about feeling "trapped" or not being able to leave a situation to get a breath of fresh air. I am also prescribed .5mg xanax as needed, and sometimes it does not even help because of how out of control my anxiety has been. I am just worried that this feeling won't leave me alone and I want to be happy again. Any advice on how much longer this 'start up' anxiety will last? And suggestions on how to cope?