I took the "take action" pill, the generic form of plan b 2 days ago. I took it in the afternoon and that night I was hit with a CRAZY side effect. I had an extreme nightmare about my dad coming in to hit me ( he never has). I opened my eyes gasping for breath screaming and he was STILL there. I stared at him until he slowly vanished. I woke up that morning with back pain, tender breasts and now there swelling, headache, fatigue, and later in the day yesterday I had a low grade fever. I was so drowsy but now today fevers gone, still feel pain I don't feel abdominal pain I'm not bleeding.Never had nausea just loss of usual appetite. Should it be effecting my brain like that though??? I had my last period lil over 2 weeks ago. The fever sounds like an infection. I have one wart right next to my v that's never been there before so I'm terrified I have an sti. Fevers gone but someone tell me if you had dreams too I don't see anywhere that that's normal, if I do have an sti which one does it sound like should I get treatment ?