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Does lamotrigine cause weight gain?


Chrissaw 24 Nov 2021

For me I did gain weight being on it, but it doesn't happen with everyone just depends on the person.

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WildcatVet 24 Nov 2021

Hi, Tangerine!
Weight changes with lamotrigine can go either way:
Common (1% to 10% of users): Weight decrease, weight gain"
Best regards,

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Tangerine83 24 Nov 2021

Thank you for the reply, Wildcat!

WildcatVet 24 Nov 2021

It does just depend on your response... if you even maybe have either side effect.
I've taken it for about 3 years with no weight change at all.

Tangerine83 24 Nov 2021

I've tried lamotrigine twice before. After a few weeks, i feel a lot of confusion and irritability, so i stop the drug. Because it scares me. I've tried just about every anti depressant available and nothing helps, just makes me feel worse. I have chronic depression and right now i'm going through such a hell, there are no words to describe it. So i've decided to try the lamotrigine once more. Is there anyone out there who get those same side effects after a couple of weeks? Maybe i'm not giving it a fair chance? Will those symptoms pass? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanx,
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