I'm 58. I started taking lamotrigine (titrated to 150 mg) for depression, along with bupropion (300 mg). After about three months I am feeling better depression-wise, not sure if it's the drugs or just the springtime and some social contact again. But I feel like there is seriously something wrong with my brain. I repeat myself, I seem to miss words in conversations or on the radio like my brain just shuts off for a second. I find myself making ridiculous mistakes, unable to concentrate enough to succeed at a modestly complex task. My memory is totally shot, it's really scary not to be able to remember most short or mid-term things (like a movie I saw two years ago), or to write out a word that was just in my mind a moment ago. I can't spell any more, it used to be a talent. I used to be scary smart, now I'm scary stupid. These things seem to have arisen or gotten a lot worse in the last two months as my dosage of lamotrigine has increased. Is this idiocy a possible side effect of lamotrigine? Am I experiencing early onset dementia? Yikes.