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Lactose Intolerance - does lactaid pills cause constipation?

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imbatman 3 May 2015

I've never had a problem - just make sure you're not taking too many lactaid pills. It's a personal need thing, some people are very sensitive to lactose others aren't. For example I can't drink 'regular' milk, even with lactaid. Ice cream is usually fine, even without lacaid but I still take it to be sure.
However if I have 'liquid' cheese, like the sort you get in a can in the United States - I get really sick without lactaid.
Same applies to whether or not you get constipation I think. If you're taking too much, and not actually ingesting anything with lactose in it - then maybe. I would recommend taking probiotics - it's a good way to help your stomach whether you're having issues with constipation, or the opposite. Also if you are constipated - a tablespoon of olive oil is suppose to be a natural way to help. It's gross, but it does seem to work.
But to answer your question in short, I don't think lactaid pills cause constipation... Although i can't say for certain, since I'm basing it on personal experience. free discount card

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