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Klonopin - Is .125 to small of a dose?

3 Answers

moninja7 15 July 2013

Everyone does react differently to all meds. It does seem like a very small dose but maybe it's because it'll be increased little by little. I was prescribed this time around 1mg a day. Best advice: if you feel it's not helping or working for you consult your doctor :-)

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Inactive 15 July 2013

It's small but if it works for you that's great. It's good to start out on a lower dose sometimes, that way you'll be on the right dose for you. If things aren't better in 2-3 days you can always up the dose. Just depends on how acute your problems are - if things get really bad, trust your doctor and take what he/she prescribed.

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Inactive 15 July 2013

I reread your remarks - you said "In this state of mind" - your doctor prescribed Zoloft too and you aren't starting that? Are you ok? If your doctor prescribed both he must think you need both. Please be careful - you can always drop back down from a dose but you have to be alive to do so. - EJ23

sparky2 15 July 2013

Thank you ElizaJane23! I appreciate your concern, I meant this state of mind when anxiety is so high, not anything more. I have not taken the Zoloft yet because In a few days I will be moving 2100 miles away and I didn't want to be dealing with the start up anxiety while towing a 7x16 enclosed trailer by myself. I wanted to see how I reacted to the Klonopin and if I could get away just taking a small dose and decrease the anxiety until I get moved, then I will start Zoloft.

Em Passat 25 Nov 2016

Hey I found this post on a google search. I'm approaching a similar situation. I deal with anxiety daily but have been afraid to take anything for it. In about 6 months I'm moving 1800+ miles away and the distance and open road idea are making me feel panicky. Just curious how it helped. I was prescribed .5 of Klonopin but considering taking half of a half.125. Thanks for your input

mfpdfibro 13 July 2013

Well that would depend on the individual and their physician. Are you trying to wean off of it or just take less and have the same effect

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sparky2 13 July 2013

I'm just starting out. Dr wants me to take .5mg in the morning and evening for anxiety as I am suppose to be starting Zoloft... Everything is such a big deal when I am in this state of mind so I have not started the Zoloft and took .125mg of Klonopin this morning after avoiding it for a few days. I feel pretty calm right now but I just took a 2 hour nap. :) I don't have the wafers so I am cutting it in 1/4s.. free discount card

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