... within days of burning ,,tingling ,pain sensations all in the areas injected. I called my Dr's office 3 times the first week to report my symptoms and should I be concerned. Each time they told me that have never experienced that but to just give it time and not worry. By day 11 I called to ask please to be seen. I explained my symptoms and wondered if I was having an infection or allergic reaction. My injecting Dr told me I looked better than I did when he first saw me and I could manifest it into anything I wanted and that I had just had stuff in my face. I was so shocked by his response as I was not feeling good from my procedure. I made an appointment 2 days later with my Dermatologists nurse that used to do injections. He thought it was irritated nerves maybe and give it time it might resolve. I waited a week and made an appointment with a aesthetician at another Plastic Surgeons office. She said she thought the same with nerves possibly and also said she could dissolve it if I couldn't wait it out. She also noticed I had blanching and Tindall effect that would resolve with hylase. She did not think I was having an allergic reaction and saw no signs of infect. 6 days after this consult I woke up with a pain, soreness and inflamed lip line. Went to my dermatologist and informed them I was still having strange sensations but now also what appeared to be possible infection and they put me on doxycycline.I still have all the same issues although now it is more so in the area of upper lip and vermillion along with sensitive spots. I have made an appointment for this Thursday with Facial Plastic Surgeon that does a lot of reversal with hyalruonidase and for him to hopefully treat and guide me through whatever is happening. Have you heard of anything like this before? If so did it resolve? Could this be an allergic reaction? Would love to hear back any suggestions. Also what do you think about my original doctors attitude? Is that typical when things go wrong?