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Is percocet an opiate or in the morphine family of drugs?


mpvt 19 Feb 2010

percocet has oxycodone in it which is a opiate. Morphine is also a opiate, they are two separate opiates. Oxycodone is a little stronger when taken by mouth but morphine is about 1.5 times stronger when given by I.V. ... Hope this clears things up..

P.S. As you probably know, both of these opiates can be highly abused and addictive so be careful and only use them as prescribed...

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teal 19 Feb 2010

hey mpvt:) I was going to say no,only because my doctors told me no,BUT the doctors here are so unwilling to help ppl due to so many of other ppl who have abused them,or more so,selling their meds,so they pee test everyone constantly,and when i bring up that percocet is not working for me anymore,as i've been on them for 2 years,she proceeded to say,they do not stop working,that the system does not get use to them,which i know is crap,i know from calling other doctors,looking it up,et cetera,she told me she doesnt want to put me on anything else because after my surgery,which i have three major back surgeries coming,they will give me methadone or morphine and so if she gives that to me now,then i wont get relief in the hospital from the pain i will be going through after the surgeries.


they mess up on my meds all the time,have a different doctor in there that last two weeks,and things get all messed up,like last time,she said i was discontinued off xanax,which was not the case,the doctor i saw at that app. we stopped a anti depressant,and tried a new one,and also stopped the muscle relaxer and went to a different one,yet somehow the xanax got wrote up as such,omg,they mess up on scripts,and then when you tell them,they get pissed and look at you like an addict,and yell in front of everyone,not to mention there is no MD running the place,they are all np,which i didnt think was legal,the md that was originally there,left years and years ago,yet the place is still under his name,the place is a mess,so she pee test's me,because she thinks im selling them,well,she will find them in my system and then kiss my ass,just like the last few times of testing me for other drugs,or no drugs at all assuming im selling. i've never abused drugs,ever,i've never tried street drugs,i dont even drink,they know this,i mean,when i dont like a med,the way it makes me feel,even though i pay for it,i give them the full bottle telling them they have to give me something else because i dont like the way it makes me feel,they probably use them for themselves,they probably should be sued,seriously,i hate and get so upset when i go in,because i dont know what to expect,they dont respect my privacy,such as yelling at me in front of everyone else waiting to get in,had me in tears,messing my meds up and mostly wont help me because well,i dont know what they are thinking,they know i dont abuse any drugs,nor sell them by testing me all the damn time,but no matter how much i tell her that i dont sleep due to pain,can perform my duties,et cetera,they dont care,anyway,so my point is,they really are in the same class? also,can they treat you like that legally? the sad thing is,in my town 4 doctors left,and the only 5 left had to take on all their patients,so no one is taking on new one's,which sucks because i need a REAL doctor,an MD,somebody who knows what the hell they are doing and gets to know you,what your on,et cetera,here they mess up so much because your always seeing someone else who lasts maybe two weeks,and they just dont get to know who you are,your problems,they have to read your papers,which sometimes are not even updated,like the mg on my xanax,so i made them call the pharmacy to see how long i've been getting that mg,and yet they get mad at you and make a scene,treating you like an addict because they messed up,it's so stressful for me,and i get so anxious when i go in wondering how bad they are going to treat me this time,i have to remind them to test my liver,which they've done once in years,i have to write down what i take,the mg,how much for them,it's insane. so,morpine really isnt stronger than percocet's? Im on the strongest dose,the most allowed in a day,also,as the doctors say,your body never get use to them,like methadone,which is from what i've heard due to my mother is on them,and that your system never gets use to them where they stop working? sorry for how long this is,but you know alot and i thought maybe you could answer some of the questions. if you dont want to,thats really honestly fine too. thanks for your time in this letter,and have a good one:) T(by the way,i didnt proof read,lol)

christineATU 23 Feb 2010

Teal? OMG... they are putting you through the ringer! I am new to this forum. Add me as "friend" if you like. I have been on Percocets and MS Contin. After reading your story, I am grateful that I visit ONLY my surgeon. Oxycodone does build up your resistance to it.

christineATU 23 Feb 2010

To answer the original question both are opiates. There is a variety..such as mg, extended release, rapid release, Morphine Sulfate Contin is an extended release medication (at least the one I am on) Percocet (oxycodone) is more for breakthrough pain (at least the one I am on) Both are in the same family of drugs.

peanoweno 24 Feb 2010

Thanks for everyones comments. Maybe thats why I haven't had much relief from the back surgery i had. If its for breakthrough pain anyways. I've been given oxycodone-apap 10-325mg. But I told them from the beginning it hasn't helped much. I'm slowly getting better but once I'm up for more than an hour doing things around the house I get in pretty bad pain and have to sit with a heating pad and if its close enough to take my meds, then I do. I had the fusion dec 30th. But instead of being straight i've started slouching again and have noticed my hip has a slight protrusion again. But its nothing like it was. My surgeon didn't believe me that I was in pain even in the spital. He thought since he put the rods in that I should be fine now. After alot of phone calls to his office complaining of terrible leg pain at night, and back pain, he had more xrays done to check for infection. He said their were non.


I literally was in tears trying to get him to understand how bad I felt and his response was that he could put things back the way they were before, if i'd prefer.What kind of reputable surgeon says things like that? He sent me on my way with no meds and a recommendation to a pain clinic. So far I'm still on percs, have been put on lyrica for leg cramps(hasn't worked yet) but she keeps upping the dose. She tried me on opana, but I kept getting migraines so I stopped them, then she put me on fentanyl which gave me even more migraines and I broke out very badly. Still clearing up from that one. From what I read fentanyl patch is so dangerous, people have died, theirs lawsuits because of the patch, and from the reading I've done on long term pain maintainance It's not anymore helpful than taking a pill thats short term relief. I believe it. I didn't notice any differance in my pain, only side affects. I found out fentanyl is 80% stronger than morphine to. I made it a point to tell this dr. that i don't do well on morphine and don't want it if possible. I do better on opioids than opiates. But she did it anyways. Now since I won't take the fentanyl she doesn't want to give me anything else. I'm still having trouble, sleepless nights, and all I want is something somewhat stronger than percocet in pill form that i can take on an as needed basis. My tolerance is high because of being on vicodin and suboxone for years before my spine wacked out and i feel thats why i'm not getting enough relief. When i was put on suboxone i was told that it is non addicting, and i'd have no trouble getting off. well thats a lie. Their is a small amount of narcotic pain releiver in it. When i tried quitting before my hand surgery I was like demon ladie from hell, so yes you do get addicted to it. I just wish I was told the truth. The dr. I see now told me its a narcotic. Welp sorry for being (as my daughter says) wordie. Thanks again for the input.

mpvt 24 Feb 2010

You are a addict searching for your drug of choice. You have a bogus excuse for any other meds they try you on. Go to the pain clinic if you are truly in pain were you think you need help. By the way you hung yourself when you thought that fentanyl was somehow like morphine. The reason they give fentanyl is because it is a synthetic opiate were morphine is a opiate. You need to give your back time to heal from the surgery and believe me you will feel better. You have gotten addicted to the pain pills and you need to do something about this or you are going to be flagged at all the doctors offices that you go to... Hope you get better soon... free discount card

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