I started experiencing hair loss about two years ago. I did not really notice it until six months later. I was concerned because my Mother is almost bald, and began losing her hair in her thirties. At the time, there were only three things that had changed in my life. I was under terrible stress (still am), I had started taking "Limictal" and my hair was over processed. Needless to say, even after stopping the hair processing, my hair still kept falling out. It's about a 40% loss, and the hair is thinner in "feel". I would say that now I have lost inches on my forehead, I can see the scalp at "part lines", and a lot seems to end up in the brush and on the floor... I asked the doctor that prescribed the "Limictal" (for stabalizing my mood) if she knew anything about this. She said it had NOTHING to do with hair loss. I went on the Internet, and although the sites for "drugs" does not list this as a side effect, there were hundreds of forums, letters and blogs about people who took this drug and experienced hair loss. Quickly. Most were able to see re-growth within months after stopping. So I stopped. Nothing. I decided to go back on the drug and see a dermatologist that specialized in hair loss. She agreed with me, since the biopsies of my scalp were inconclusive. I have now been off the drug for almost four months, and nothing, except my scalp doesn't hurt that much anymore. Then I read that two other drugs that I am on could be contributing to HAIR LOSS. Nexium and Clonozepam. I have been on those drugs for years - and never had a problem. Does anyone have similar experiences with any of these drugs and hair loss? By the way, nothing showed up in blood tests either. It's just strange that although I have not had a period in 7 years (chemotherapy) my hair grew back just fine after my treatment stopped. The trama of losing it again - and not knowing if it will grow back, and wondering if these drugs causing the problem is making me more stressed out.