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Is it possible to have hemorrhoids when you are a 24 year old female? is it possible at this age?

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Conoshia83 6 May 2019

Yes! I've had them since I was 17. Got worse after having babies. Finally getting surgery in a couple days.

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Cgaynor1 2 Aug 2016

When it comes to hemorrhoids the healthiest thing to eat is... Absolutely nothing.

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skins1970 22 Aug 2011

Howdy doody my name is Skins and the answer is yes, i am a female and i had hemorrhoids, boils and absess' all over my butt when i was 16 yrs old. Eventually i had to have surgery to have the grapes removed. It was just unbearable pain for me. Your diet is a major factor with this problem. Straining not only gives you bum grapes but it can make your bowel collapse. You need to eat fibre fibre fibre loads of food with fibre. Even pop a natural laxette everyday or drink prune juice so you can go to the toilet with ease. One time I went 13 days without going to the toilet after i went on methadone. To address your answer and stop talking about me me me .. yes it is most certainly possible. You may need to get then cut out if they arent interfering with your life too much, some folk just keep pushing the grapes back inside. The operation i had was worth it. Just an overnight stay and when they are cut out you will definately notice the difference. Okay golly i got a a bit carried away then with my bowel autobiography. Grapes be gone ! bye for now

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puckiemull 22 Aug 2011

Hi cheers,
OH Yes my friend it is possible,I am 25 and getting them on and off since i was 20, have them at the moment very bad,so i feel for you,they are not nice and so very uncomfortable!! My doc prescribed me proctosedyl supposietries,they are very good,i dont know if you can get them where you are from but they do work much better than prep h. Ask your doc or pharmacy about them,if you can catch them on time the supposetries will work straight away,you will get great relief,if you have them longer than a few days without treatment,it could take longer for them to work,but they do..
I've tried lots over the yrs and these are the best relief i've found so far.
Hope this helps and you get relief soon,i understand how uncomfortable it is,you poor pet,but ask about those,you wont know yourself!!

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Inactive 22 Aug 2011

Yes, particularly if you are not real regular and have to strain alot. Try to drink a little bit more water, eat some pulpy fruit and take a stool softener to reduce the discomfort when you do have to go. If it hurts, itches really bad, some hot epsom salts water soaks really help and they have some new products out that help the pain and itch, can't remember then name, but it is a bit more expensive than tucks or prep h, if you go to the pharmacy, you will see it.

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