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Is it ok to split a 2 mg Klonopin into 4ths to take my dose of .5 mg?

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jk13 24 Dec 2010

Christine is kinda right, Klonopin comes in a wide variety of doses, and 0.5mg is one of them. Nonetheless, splitting the pill into quarters really shouldn't be too much of a problem either, as the drug has such a long half life, it sort of creates a constant stream of the med where any subtle variations in dose shouldn't really matter much. If you do split the pills up into quarters, remember that those pills are very soft, and can chip easily, so only split what you are going to use, and don't split a whole bunch as they'll sort of erode in the bottle, leaving a pile of powder at the end.

A medication like Xanax would be totally different, it has a very precise length of time that it lasts, and splitting those pills could be a bad idea.. unless you're getting the bar, where it's suppose to be cracked off in quarters.


I guess all in all, splitting quarters is for the most part never a great idea unless the med is intended for that purpose, but for a short time it doesn't hurt. Good luck, and hope that this is some help to you!
Jeff K

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zev51104 24 Dec 2010

With this type of drug, less is almost always the preferred route. However, as Christine mentioned, you should always "take as prescribed". If you want to take 1/4 of a klonopin i dont see why it would be an issue. I was precribed .5 mg and was told to start with half, i was even given a pill cutting tool to make the doses accurate, which i think is th main concern. Talk with an actual doctor as i am not one. Just watch our with the benzos, again less is more. I was taking restoril once a day for less than a week and stopped. It took me about 3-4 days for the mild dependency/withdrawal symtoms to go away, and even now i still feel kinda out-of-whack. Good luck.

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christineATU 24 Dec 2010

The tablets should be swallowed whole. If your having problems with the dose being too high, please talk with your doctor. Klonopin also come in a disintegrating wafer form. I provided a link regarding the dose administration for Klonopin. Be safe and have a nice holiday!

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zev51104 5 Feb 2011

*WARNING* Probably not the best advice I've given, infact, I know its not, and I also do not condone these methods, nor do I use them regularly myself, but I have tried at least once: Most benzos dissolve easily with saliva and are tasteless, some are even kind of sweet, but a method for quicker onset of action is to take them sublingually, meaning you put it in your mouth, under the tongue, and allow the pill to dissolve. Just let the saliva/benzo "paste" sit there for about 10-15 minutes and you should start feeling the relief after the first 5. After holding under the tongue for the 15 min, swallow all the spit/med mixture and wash it down with a few gulps of water that have each been "swished" to get all the residul. Again, I don't recommend taking benzos this way, but can say it works faster which helps more. Another note, dont do it with xanax because some brands are very bitter, probably for the sol reason of preventing this method.


The second way to get better, faster, and more helpful effects is the enema method. Same proccess, only instead of mixing the med with saliva, you crush it up and dissolve with a small amount of warm water, then use a small saringe WITHOUT A NEEDLE (like a medicine saringe) to suck up the solution, then insert in the rectum and plunge the liquid inside. Once again, faster onset, but not as lasting in effect. I DON NOT recommend either of these methods, and cannon be held responsible for their abuse. I also would HIGHLY DISCOURAGE ANY OTHER METHODS ONE MAY CONSIDER. I'll probably get a lot of negative criticism for describing all this, but think of it as a warning and under no circumstances as advice.

christineATU 5 Feb 2011

No, you're right zev. many people have used meds in these ways. Some even advised by their docs. usually they can be prescribed as wafer/sublingual and even suppository form. Some people just can't swallow meds. But yes, you have to be very careful on how you use them. Much of the med is "missed" by taking them orally. I just wouldn't advise destroying the extended release element in a pill. But the short acting ones are used different ways. free discount card

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