After the birth of my second daughter 7 months ago I reluctantly began taking Lexapro for PND. I have now been taking 20mgs for 6 months and wish to get off of it. I find I am unable to fully enjoy my children and miss feeling a whole range of emotions. I also lack any sex drive and have gained weight on top of post pregnancy weight :( After seeing my GP today I was told to just cut down to 10 mgs for the next two weeks and then come back in to see her and see if I am coping or if I will need to maintain at 20mgs for a while longer?? From what Ihave read on the net about AD withdrawls I will likely be a mess after going down 10 mgs that quickly but my GP did not want to hear this. I have two very young children and am VERY scared of the withdrawl symptoms... Please help I feel very alone:(