I started taking it yesterday morning. I’ve read that many people reported it making them feel wired, so I didn’t want to take it at night. I know meds affect everyone differently... and boy did it influence me! it was all I could do all day to keep my eyes open. I felt like a zombie. I finally gave in to it around 4:30. I took a 2-hour nap and my fiancé was furious with me. I really couldn’t help it. I didn’t feel like myself at all when I woke up. I felt antisocial. we had company last night and I didn't talk to anyone. I thought it may be a combination of the Skelaxin with it... as well as the hydrocodone (which usually makes me alert and able to get up & go). I am going to start taking the Effexor at night. I was just wondering has anyone else experienced this? am I going to feel like a zombie for the duration that I am on this med? it worked fine for my postpartum depression (2ys ago). all comments are welcome! I could use some advice. also, I couldn’t get up this morning to take my son to school (BAD ME). my fiancé works in the mornings & he called & called until I woke up. I feel awful for him missing school. I just couldn’t wake up. I heard the clocks, but it’s like I couldn't move... like I was hearing them in a dream. I didn't sleep well at all last night. I guess it was because of the nap. help please?