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Should abilify 5 mg make someone stay sleepy all day . I mean seriously stay sleepy and fall aslee?

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kahm1 10 May 2019

Hi k keen,
Abilify is a tricky med as far as dosing is concerned. I've been on abilify in the past... and just recently started on it again as an adjunct to my anti depressant. I feel starting off slow is the best way to start abilify. My doctor had recommended 2mg daily at night, but I asked to start at half that dose for at least a 10 days, then bump it up to 2mg if there isn't any significant daytime sleepiness. This way it gives your body time to adjust and you're less likely to turn into a walking zombie. Hope this helps you.

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rubenruben 23 Jan 2019

I take 15 in the morning and my day is shot. Sleepy but not enough ti fall asleep. It s giving me anxiety currently. I will take 7.5 one hour before bed and we will see... thus stuff knocks you out!

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missgoody 23 July 2018

Yes - I take abilify 30mg and it makes me very drowsy. So i changed to a different brand called Abyraz which is still aripripazole but a different brand. This brand Abyraz doesn’t make me drowsy at all. Ask chemist to give you this brand. If it doesn’t work, you can always switch back to Abilify.

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Tinarica0000 4 July 2018

Yes. Common side affect is fatigue, lethargy. Somewhat helpful is to take at bed time not in the am.

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Inactive 8 April 2014

Abilify is easily one of the most bizarre psych meds on the market. For sure, a high dose (Roughly 10mg or more in one dose will put the brakes on dopamine activity/wakefulness/feeling alert or energized.) But a low dose: roughly 5mg or less can wake a person up, create a little mood lift (allegedly due to a little dopamine agonist activity at the D2 receptor which, at larger doses gets drowned out by the dopamine antagonist activity at all the other known dopamine receptors) , and when coupled with SSRI, don't be surprised if Abilify/aripiprazole causes manic mood swings(feeling a little too good/can't sit still/can't shut up,etc). It is an unpredictable drug for sure and YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.

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WildcatVet 8 April 2014

Actually, an antidepressant paired with an antipsychotic can induce manic/hypomanic episodes, even in undiagnosed Bipolar II.

Inactive 8 April 2014

Ok yes, correct, fine, sure... if you want to break out your DSM and split hairs using clinical and official sounding doctor jargon. Let me repeat: YOUR MILAGE MAY VARY. I am no expert or authority. But I have taken Abilify. I don't recommend anyone take it at all-but I'm not going to tell people to stop a prescribed drug. It's their call, based on whatever their doctor said to them. Abilify made me mildly speedy (not my normal self)at low doses(while on Zoloft). Plus a variety of other meds.

WildcatVet 8 April 2014

Purely for accuracy, sweats! Abilify and other antipsychotics can cause a condition called akathisia ~ restlessness, hyperexcitability, pacing, etc. This condition is not the same as Bipolar hypermania. It's rare and tends to occur more often at lower doses.

roger_d_1989 20 April 2014

I had a question about Abilify. I'm taking 2mg with 30mg Cymbalta. I noticed when I went up to 4mg, I was super unmotivated, depressed, and sleepy. But 2mg was great... motivated, less drugged, more alive. However, I feel like the effects are fading (I've been taking it for 1 week and 2 days). If I can't go up... how do I improve my leftover issues (OCD, minor depression issues, still feel like I can improve a little)? My doctor was thinking of switching my Cymbalta to 20mg Prozac to combat the OCD, but I've taken Prozac before and it (by itself) didn't do much good. It wasn't bad either. Just not effective enough. He was also considering putting me on 10mg Abilify only and taking me off Cymbalta. What seems like the better option? I think my doc and I will know best, but have you been on Abilify 10mg by itself?

LaurieShay 8 April 2014

Abilify is unlikely to be the culprit to the sleepiness if taken as prescribed. If the person is still suffering from depression, this can make one sleep alot. Also, overdosing on Abilify can cause sleepiness and unusual drowsiness, so worth talking to the doc about.

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kbruhl 10 Feb 2017 and the pamphlet that comes with Abilify clearly states that "Common Abilify side effects include: Drowsiness and feeling tired." I take Abilify as prescribed (2mg) and feel significantly more tired than usual.

nataliaboga 27 Oct 2017

My teenager is taking 2 mg of Abilify for the past 2 months and is so tired all of the time that he can't focus in class, can't stay awake to do homework, etc. We are looking for an alternative medication because this is no way to live.

WildcatVet 8 April 2014

Hi, k! It wouldn't be unusual if you've just started taking the medication. It generally takes a few days for your body to adjust, and then four to six weeks to gain the full effect.
How long have you been on it? If more than a week or so, you need to consult with your physician.
Regards, WCV

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