is endocet the same as percocet? ive been taking endocet for almost a year, its 5/325 dosage. i have had chronic stomach problems for 10 years, i was in the hospital numerous times, its beyond acid reflux and esophagitis. the pain sometimes is unbelivable... i was taking darvon for it for awhile, that didnt work, now ive been taking endocet for almost a year, sometimes it works, but i think my body is building up a tolerance to it. sometimes ill take a pill and not feel anything, ive never went beyond the 4 pills a day, because im too damn scared to, i dont want to overdose or do anything stupid.
so basically im asking, is endo and perco US/Canadian names for the drug?
and has anyone been in a similiar situation to me? sometimes you cant feel it at all, but i remembe the first time i took one of those pills, i could barely stay awake, now its nothing... thats obviously a bad sign in my body right?

oh yeah i have to add, i know acetaminophen isnt the best thing for abdominal pain, and sometime i think the pill itself makes me feel even soarer... the doc doesnt think much of it... huuum i do.