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Is a light green, rectangle bar, scored into 3 sections, one side says s903 a xanax pill or a fake?

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Cats Meow 10 May 2010

Real, 2mg Alprazolam

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DDotMoney101 26 Apr 2017

Hell no, real. Green monsters. They're a little over 2 MGS. Like 2.17 or something. Good score.

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Misslyric 2 Oct 2017

No they're only 2mg I get a script of 120

Karenandhailey2018 28 Jul 2018

What do they look like

Karenandhailey2018 28 Jul 2018

So they are real

Praying 68 1 Dec 2019

Are they thick

Ryno1980 7 Apr 2018

Bad news folks.. I just received 60 of the green bars from a trusted online source. Perfect looking from imprint , compared to a few real pharmacy greens I have left... they are for sure fake... taste like chalk... very brittle, and I've literally eaten 14 mg in the last 3 hours just to prove this point... normally 1x 2mg green bar puts me in a relaxed state and ready foe good sleep... 7 x 2mg bars has done absolutely nothing for me...

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Footbalmunster 29 Jul 2018

What’s this trusted online source?

Karenandhailey2018 28 Jul 2018

I have gotten them and I haven't any at ease but I waited and looked them up took a full one and now there working

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Destiny311 1 Nov 2018

I have gotten light green ones and darker thicker green ones, I think the darker ones are fake with the same imprint on it!

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Mamastout 26 Jun 2019

Real Xanax will have a bitter taste. I will be easy to break into.

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Patrick63072 7 Aug 2019

Could be either. I've seen real ones like that and fake ones like that. The fake ones had no taste and didn't melt in my mouth, the real ones had that xanax taste and melted in my mouth. There is no way to tell by looking. A trained pharmacist can't tell them apart. Best bet get them from a pharmacy or from a friend that has the bottle with them. But still snap in half before buying and lick the inside to see if it has that xanax taste.

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