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If Tramadol is expired 2008 is it safe to take them?

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Inactive 31 Aug 2011

No they are not.

I suggest you take them to your local pharmacy so they can dispose of them safely.-

Take care,


Unfilled Void 1 Sep 2011

The Tramadol should have an expiry date on the box, usually found on the back. I want to make it clear that the expiry date doesn't always mean the medication is no longer safe or useful. The expiry date on most medications is only a guarantee for the medications effectiveness. This means if a medication expired 1 year ago it would still have some effect but maybe not the full desired effect that the manufacturer guarantees for the medication within it's best before date. The expiry date only exists on medication because the organization that regulates such substances in your country decided it should be a requirement. Some medications if stored right can still have a full effect 10 years after its expiry date. The point I'm trying to make is that medication isn't like milk.

Unfilled Void 3 Sep 2011

I see no valid reason to why my post was given a vote down. Before voting down a post you could at least prove what I have posted is incorrect. The information is posted is valid, infact there have been published papers on the subject from qualified and respected chemists. If the vote down happens to be from the person who answered after me then you must have been refering to my post when you said "somebody else is saying its ok to take them". If you read my post in full then you would see that I specifically stated that I personally would not condone nor recommend ingesting expired medication. It's actually amusing that someone would vote down a post for giving all of the information regarding the subject instead of sugar coating it and giving a straight yes or no response.

Inactive 1 Sep 2011

Seriously??? U want to know if u can take expired medicine? And somebody else is saying its ok to take them?

westek12 28 Oct 2016

For 2 days now I have been suffering from an extremely painful toothache while waiting for antibiotics to take control of the infection. I am taking Tramadol that expired 2 years ago to control my pain. It has been stored for over 3 years at room temperature. It is relieving my pain beautifully without any side effects. I am uninsured and cannot afford medications so I am very grateful that kept the expired Tramadol for without it I would not able to function enough to write this testimony.

westek12 28 Oct 2016

PS. If you are not poor and desperate and can afford the cost of acquiring fresh medication then I am very happy for you.

57wink 28 Mar 2018

Tramadol will have a long shelf life as long as it was in a closed bottle, not exposed to sunlight and moisture, example if it was kept in a glove compartment in a vehicle, the high and low temperatures, would shorten its shelf life, in a sealed bottle in a cabinet, it can have close to the same strength as when it was purchased at a pharmacy after several years, Antibiotics and nitroglycerin are different and more time sensitive, anytime you take medicine to a drop off site if it is an opiate you should put some glue, grease or paste etc in the bottle with the pills so they can't be resold, as has been known to happen. free discount card

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