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Ibuprofen - Can I take ibprophen an vicoden together?

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Hollynikki 24 Oct 2017

I was just given these two drugs together for 10 days due to a fall down a flight of stairs.

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VAGMARRERO 17 July 2015

Ibuprofen was for my toothache the Vicodin was for my aches and pains in my knee. Was taking both at bedtime hoping I wouldn't be in pain as I sleep. Decided to half the Vicodin.

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wah2 2 Sep 2013

Thanks so much everyone :) Vicodin didn't help my toothache at all :( Ibuprofen did though! Kind of odd?

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SorellasMom 21 Sep 2013

Not odd to me. Vicodin does absolutely nothing for pain for me (I have arthritis and bone spurs in my knees and feet). Ibuprofen works much better. I take vicodin when the pain makes me agitated. THAT it helps with.

goose39 18 Sep 2014

It's really not that odd, your tooth was in flamed. Ibuprofen has an anti inflammatory in it. Good luck.

DzooBaby 16 Aug 2012

Yes, you can, but be sure that you have vicodin (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) not Vicoprofen (hydrocodone and ibuprofen) so that you are not taking too much ibuprofen. Vicodin doesnt help inflammation but ibuprofen will so you may feel better using them in tandem-just besure to stick to dosing schedules for both.

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balbanese 16 Aug 2012

You can, but you're mixing Acetaminophen and Ibu, why would anyone want to do that? Hope this helps.

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reatha davis 16 Aug 2012

Because I have a really bad tooth ache I hope it helps to

balbanese 16 Aug 2012

OK, that helps. So, I'd say it's ok so long as you take normal doses and don't overdue. Hope you feel better soon.

reatha davis 16 Aug 2012


Inactive 17 Aug 2012

I take 10 mg/325. Vicodin and 800 mg Ibuprophen. It help with my pain in two different ways. The vicodin helps with my nerve pain and the ibuprophen helps with my arthitis. The two (acetaminophen and ibuprophen) are very different and can be quite effective in combination.

Inactive 22 Aug 2012

This is not a helpful answer at all... you're making this person feel bad for asking! :( People mix acetaminophen and ibuprofen all the time! (for pain and fever) is perfectly ok to take both as long as you're staying on a schedule (acetaminophen every 4 hours and ibuprofen every 6 hours).

PurpleButterfies 24 Sep 2012

I agree with the previous statement. The first answer could have left out the "why would anyone want to do that" remark. Most of the people here are seeking support, understanding, and advice if they ask for it, not criticism, especially if you don't know the person and what they are going through...

Kathyvene 19 Sep 2017

Tylenol has no effect on inflammation of muscles, back problem, arthritis etc. Tylenol is not useful but for mild pain and fever!

Kathyvene 19 Sep 2017

That's another one Vicodin/ Tylenol does not help tooth pain at all!! free discount card

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