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I was wondering if anyone else had experienced severe headaches on focalin xr? It is a new problem?

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Matt68046 28 Feb 2017

It is from vascular constriction. Veins are shrunk up. Especially to the thought process frontal areas of our brains. A warm washcloth on your forehaed should do the trick.

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Inactive 15 June 2012

Hello swibbler. Headaches are a common and normal side effect to taking Focalin. Best of wishes to you, pledge

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bgrateful32 26 Oct 2009

Hi, I also take focalin xr, 30 mg a day (2 capsules in a.m., 1 in the afternoon). I have been taking this for about 3 or 4 years now, give or take. ( with a few months breaks from it in between) I also experience severe headaches! They start a day or so after I begin my round for the month with the 1st dose. Then, they just get worse, and things just get worse from there. I not only have severe headaches, but my lips break out with fever blisters, and I also get horrible mouth sores from the dry mouth I also experience! it's like playing connect the dots. as soon as I take that 1st dose, I know what is coming the next several days, and I soo dread it. I am to the point that I hate taking the focalin xr now. I hate dealing with the side effects and discomfort, stress, loss of sleep, and buying out drugstores of advil, orajel, and related pains like that.


I can't even take advil anymore for my headaches because I now get rebound headaches from it. I don't know what else to take for my headaches now! (that is a whole new issue! that's why I am on here! lol!) The focalin xr worked great for me for the longest time and it still does, but lately, I have gotten sick of dealing with these things every month, and dread having to take it now, that I feel like it's not working anymore like it should. I am going to a new Psychiatrist next month and hopefully will be able to find a new drug similar to the focalin xr without all that mess and stress! I really hope this helps.. If you need more help or have more questions, contact me! :)

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rawboots 13 Oct 2010

I just started the focalin xr two days ago. I got a real bad headache the first day but after I took it i fell right asleep. Woke bout a half hour later and I felt a hell of a lot better. Was a weird kinda happy. Today was ok. Does this med make you tired ocasionally ?

gapeachinfl6 11 Aug 2011

My daughter was taking Focalin XR 20mg and she complained of frequent headaches. I have her now on Focalin 20 mg twice daily and she has not complained of headaches since.

toddcas 21 Feb 2012

I also had bad headaches 2 with focalin ir and er I was switched to concerta and ritalin and I stil get headaches prolly Miprolly once every other week bu5t not every day and sleep a lot better now gl free discount card

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