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I was told I would have to stay on coumadin for the rest of my this true?

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11 Dec 2009

It is very possible. But it would be helpful to know your diagnosis. If you can just leave it as a comment

11 Dec 2009

People that have heart diease are more than likely put on coumadin. Now saying that you will be required blood tests up to several times a moonth. Yes, this is boring. But death is no fun either. Coumadin is to thin out your blood to make it easier for the blood to travel through clogged veins and arteries. One other thing you need to know, a medic alert bracelet or the such is a good thing to have. Just incase you injur yourself the person doing first aid needs to know you are on coumadin. Kotex is a great thing to have in your house incase you cut yourself. It stops the bleeding really fast.

Psychmajor 11 Dec 2009

i think chances are you will be on this for the rest of your life but if im right (im on a friends laptop and im a little nonsober) this is for blood presure. Most people are on this for the rest of their life but if you can reduce your stress with daily meditation as well as other theraputic tech. then you should be able to lower your BP to something that is a "normal" level.

barbles2413 11 Dec 2009

Assuming you are being treated for a cardiac condition the above is good information. But coumadin is also used to treat medical conditions involving the heart ,lungs ,blood vessels and brain. Good Luck and God Bless

11 Dec 2009

I was told that too. I had a brain stem stroke so I'm on it for life.
Good news - my primary care doctor said a new drug for coumadin patients is in the works. No more checking blood would be great!

29 Dec 2009

what i know about coumadin is yes it's a blood thinner most patients are on it for life, some have been told not to eat collard greens etc. and in dental proceduces most patients have to stay off the med for 3 -5 days depending on the proceduce i worked in the dental field 41 years and learned a very lot about meds and drugs used in the office. missy2

16 Sep 2010

For most patients once on coumadin always on coumadin. Generally only people on coumadin diagnosed with a new clot or for prophylaxis get off. The good news is that with coumadin you can live a long, productive life. Without, you may experience clots which can cause stroke, heart attack or pulmonary embolism, all life threatening. Coumadin is a good thing. To clarify coumadin is not a 'blood thinner', your blood is not any thinner than it ever was prior to coumadin use. Coumadin extends bleeding time so the clotting process is delayed so blood can move around obstructions or doesn't clot when pooled in the vessels. Ask your MD to refer you to a 'coumadin clinic' for education and management.

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