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I just started doing Forteo is their a best time of the day to do the injection?


Inactive 23 Aug 2011

It really doesn't matter what time of day you take the shot. I started in the morning when I got up, but had a hard time remembering it at first, plus the first few shots made me a wee bit light headed (only 2 times) so I switched to before bed when I take my nitey nite pills as I call them. I am just finishing my 10th vial. Can't wait til it's over. 14 to go! Thank God for insurance! Good luck to you...

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amashouse2 23 Aug 2011

thank you so Much, for the help. i have just started and i pray it helps me, already had a Hip Replacement. so I am praying this helps as i have taking fomax for years.

Inactive 24 Aug 2011

I think I've been on all of them! Forteo is my last chance so they say. Have had so many broken bones it's unreal. Such is life I guess. Good Luck to you. Oh, & if you switch from one time to another like I did wait out the extra time, Like I didn't get one in the morning & then change my mind & take it that night. Waited until the following night.

ljord27 23 Sep 2011

hi ladies i'm new also to this pen, but so far no real effects a little sick nausea but only seems when i do belly shot. not bad though i do mine at night also shift worker so when i work 2nd shift i inject 11:30PM when on days i inject 8pm, just easy for me to do it before bed also easier to remember i had no dizziness at all with first week of dosing other than some nausea & sick, it's been ok an for me last chance also to build new bone have had several fractures ribs just sneezing have busted them a few times crazy & scary so far insurance has been great but my job of 15yrs is changing our benefits in Jan 2012 so worried what my copay will be then? now it's 50.00 which is not bad at all and they approved it thank God so I am praying come Jan I can stay on this treatment for the 2years!! will keep all of you in my prayers too,God Bless us all on this and hopeful it helps amen

MShelton7 8 Sep 2015

Hi to you all. I realize your posts are a few years old but thought I would try to reach out for tips. I just took my first two shots one in my thigh and the next in my stomach. I took them in the morning after my coffee but hadn't eaten. I'm not much of a breakfast eater. I was nauseous both days -all day long :(
Should I switch to before bed in your experience ? Any thoughts/feedback/suggestions would be much appreciated:)

dmsvea 1 Jan 2016

My mom is 90 years old and the dr. has prescribed Forteo to help heal her broken femur. She is just starting to walk after being non weight bearing for the past 6 months. She lives at home alone with four hours of home care in the mornings and 2 hours at night. Some of the posts scare the crap out of me because of the side effects. Knowing what you have gone through with this drug would you give forteo to your 90 year old mother? free discount card

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