suffering from this? Not to have a pity party, but these are my symptoms: Abnormal, uncontrollable tongue movements which cause me to rub my tongue against my teeth, causing unbearable pain. lip-biting and pursing and smacking lips (very unsightly and also very painful), tightening of my jaw and clenching and grinding my teeth which I believe is the cause of the splitting headaches I endure daily. I have also seemed to have developed (unrelated?) a habit of picking my face. I am now on 40 mg of Librium a day, a 400 iu of vitamin E and 120 mg of Cymbalta a day. My primary has prescribed a special mouthwash that helps a little and my neurologist is recommending Botox treatments. I would just to know if anyone else has this or similar symptoms and how they are coping with the symptoms and also the anxiety, anger and fear that goes along with them. Thanks so much for being on this site to offer support that has meant the world to me. Lisa Z