This drug is for meniers disease, which i dont have... od anything, my ears are too dry. Can eccessive use of codeine, paracetamol along with very high doses of antihistimes, cause severe tinitus, if so, will it reduce as i break the doses down to recomended levels. I am very afraid i am stuck with severe tinnitus. That would push me over the edge as i have had severe anxiety most of my 36yrs. Thats why i have taken so much of everything, trying to escape from myself. I realy want to know if this industrial strength tinnitus will lessen, or have i done irreversibile damage!!! I can go on if there is some hope. I stopped the Phenergan 5 weeks ago, and have cut the pain tablets by almost half and will reduce them Slowly now. I have bene taking increasing doses of these meds for about 3 or 4 yrs. Much gratitude for any answers. You guys do a great job. Thanks, Mike.