I tapered a couple days after that short(48hrs)taper, I went cold turkey for 96hrs. Here's where the tricky part comes in, I was given IV Dilaudid on the 1st day, changed ?overnight & was given IV Fentanyl, then to Percocet & oxycodone. I was give a script for Percocet for which I could not fill because 2 or more pic ID's, which I don't have(long story). I was in a lot of pain aft surgery, I had to be striaght @ lest 3 times. I have a history of Spinal Stenosis & had two discs removed fr my C-Spine(in my neck) approx. 2 yrs ago & ? may have had refereded (sp)? I was toughing it out big time (&still am) I could't (approx) wait at least 8 hrs. My surgery was done at different hosp than the one nearby I my docs, surgeons, they re approx 35-40 yrs away. I don't know what to? I do have a horrific h/a & I was given 2doses of & 1other dose IV for high, a couple before I was d/c'd. HELP!!