Hello all I recently came down with acid reflux and have since been given pepcid for my stomach and vistaril to help me relax. first night in the hospital( I went because I was very anxious felt like something really bad was going to happen freaking out) and they gave me vistaril. I was already emotional at the time and also I have suffered from anxiety and depression for about 2 years and it made me even more sad! now I physically feel better from the acid reflux but I just feel mentally down like I can't explain I just don't feel right like I believe something else bad is happening or going to happen I don't know I've only been on it for about a week and I know it probably can't mess with my brain that fast I don't know but I just feel crazy or something if anyone can calm my nerves please help I don't want to feel this way I'm only 20 and I think I'm destined for a very sad life.