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Hydroxyzine - How long dose a 25mg last for from a hydroxzine. Thaks in adavance?


chuck1957 31 July 2016

GJB' ; yes I would agree with Shelly just these questions like this are always hard, not knowing just what your taking it for, size age etc. But which ever these are mostly prescribed depending on the case but safely 25-50mg every 4 hours for average person and also really up to the doctor and what they are using it for. Very effective for most. no matter what form is being used.
And as always stick to what the doctor is telling you these are also used to make other medications more powerful. Enjoy the rest of the weekend All.

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Gay jock boy 31 July 2016

Thank you so much chuck I'm taking it for anxiety . Enjoy your weekend god bless ☺

shellybeans 30 July 2016

Hi GJB! I'll answer you with my Medical background experience in hopes it helps... 50mg is the typical dose, 50mg basically equals three Benadryl. It's not very longacting at 50mg and usually ordered every four hours as needed. Given your on only 25mg, that info above should give u a ballpark idea. So pretty much unless a Benadryl makes you very calm or tires you, your Hydroxyzine 25mg dose would typically be a 2-4 hour lasting time, note I say typically, but I hope this helps you out some... happy health and joy

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Gay jock boy 30 July 2016

Thank you so much that helps me. ☺ god bless

baugh76 7 April 2018

The half-life of Hydroxyzine ia 20 hours.

Nancy in NC 27 Oct 2018

Hi, I've suffered with severe Eczema for a few years. Recently I was given Hydroxyzine and told it would only last about 6 hours. The first time I took it, I slept for 12 hours and
had drowsiness for hours afterwards. I thought I was so worn out from itching and irritability for so long that was probably why. I'd finally slept without itching.
I guess I'm very sensitive to it. I still sleep like a rock when I take it. free discount card

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