I am a 53 year old female suffering from the age of 7 with migraines and was prescribed hydrocodone 5.5mg x 3/day (as needed-max 3/day) for my migraines for a year and for the first time in my life i did not have a full-blown (lasting 2 or more days) and was 95% free of auras, light/smell/sound sensitivity, numbness, hot flashes, depression, etc., craved raw vegetables and fruits and not sugars. I lost weight, had energy I hadn't had for over 15 years and my doctor discontinued the hydrocodone because I had been taking too long (over a year). Since discontinuing 3 months ago, we've tried many alternate meds including indomethacin, amitriptyline, venlafaxine, etc. Ive gained move than 25 pounds, sleep 12-16 hrs/day again and all the old symptoms have returned, plus some new ones - I wear sunglasses in the office. I cant' afford any more specialists (ophthalmologist, pain clinics, headache clinic, neurologist) the remainder of the year, as I've used up all my insurance benefits for the year plus several hundred dollars. Why is this such an unacceptable treatment option?