So about 2 weeks ago I had my first seizure. I am 23 yrs old n have been on numerous medications during the past few yrs (endocet, xanax, atenolol, adderal, soma, ambian) but xanax consistently for the past 2-3 yrs (for anxiety-but also helped me fall asleep) I never took the same amount daily, it was just as needed. It has been about a month and a half away from that stressful environment, apparently causing most of my anxiety.When I woke up to paramedics in my face, they were asking about all my meds and when the last time i took my xanax was, i had to think about it and realized it had been about 4 days ago. (within those 4 days i felt completely fine, no anxiety, no withdrawal symptoms of any kind) they took me to the hospital and asured me the seizure was from that, suddenly not taking it for days and gave me a new script. Now i am all freaked out, waking up in the morning making sure to take small doses throughout the day. When i looked up Xanax and the side effects seizures were a rare side effect.. so Question 1, how can i be sure it was from the xanax n nothing more serious? Question 2, I want to stop taking these, i clearly dont need them any longer, but dont know what to do or take to ensure that i will not have another seizure. Id really appreciate any help or advice..