I was put on klonapin 20 yrs ago because of panic attacks and severe anxiety. I couldn't leave my home and if I did I never walked with my head up, I never looked at anyone, I was paranoid bad. I had OCD and RLS. I know it's messing up my memory. Every time I try to back off even a TINY bit I get paranoia and panic but what the hay, I get panic with them too, it didn't stop that. I'm always sleeping or wanting to and it messes with my libido. I get angry outbursts and severe depression. I tried sucide once and I still can' t do what I orginally started out wanting to do. Work... I just want to be me and if I'm in an large area I get confused and messed up and can't think or focus and that's what I started taking this for and to be able to be out in the world FREE like everyone else... I used to take tryptophan until they took it off the market and now it doesn't work for me since I've been on Klonapin. Someone provide some answers?