I know it sounds a little dumb to be thinking it's somehow possible to get off the suboxone without withdrawaling but I truly need to. In the beginning before I started taking it, I was on oxycodone 30mg a day basically and the same thing happened -- I didn't want to withdrawal from the oxys so I got on suboxone. And I was extremely misinformed that suboxone helps you get off oxycodone and you have no withdrawals if you taper yourself off slowly. Obviously that's not true, because literally every forum i've read says they did the same thing and withdrew horribly. Suboxone is NOT a good drug no matter what people tell you, yeah it doesn't give you cravings to take opiates but the withdrawal from suboxone is extremely worse than from the opiates. So, I need to figure out a way to get off suboxones, and not withdrawal. I've heard that if I was to just quit subs right now and wait 36-48 hours and then take a oxycodone or any opiate for about a week or two and then quit taking that and withdrawal from that, that it would be so much easier because opiates give you less withdrawal symptoms than suboxone. So, basically my question is that --- If I did stop suboxone, and start back on the opiates and take the opiate for 2 weeks and then quit, would I be withdrawaling from both suboxone and opiates or would it just be the opiate withdrawal? (And please don't tell me that i'll get addicted to it again because I can't afford to and i'm so ready to be normal and sober that I would give anything for it.) But I refuse to withdrawal for a month or more from subs and have extreme painful withdrawal and suicidal thoughts and all that stuff. I need an answer... Someone tell me how I can do this. & that if I do start taking the opiates 48 hours after taking my last suboxone will I have absolutely any sub withdrawal? Or will it be gone from taking the opiates? And then when I stop the opiates will I be withdrawaling from subs and opiates or just opiates since the sub will be out of my system? I'm just extremely confused and I need an answer... FYI: Here's what i've been taking -- Suboxone 8mg, one a day, for 3 months.