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Hip Replacement - how long does it take to walk without surport/?

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Stephen Treloar 16 Nov 2014

I just had a full left hip replacement (9/9/14). I was out of bed and took a few steps on day 3. By day 11 I walked out of the hospital unaided. Day 21 walked half a mile. Day 66 more exercise, more comfort, more normal.

Good luck, the pain for the first 3 days is amazing but gets better very quickly.

soulla 16 Nov 2014

Thanks steven for your answer i had my op 22/9/14 and iam still not walking without surport its getting me down i thought i would be walking by now.

Stephen Treloar 16 Nov 2014

You had yours just 2 weeks after me (I had osteo necrosis and the collapsed head of my femur had bored a hole through my pelvis), consequently the socket had to be screwed in place and the head of the femur was sawn off at the top of the femur. The hospital made me walk daily starting on day three and I used a frame for the next 8 days (I had a second emergency surgery elsewhere; different issue, same hospital) and walked out of hospital without support on day 11. I have walked at least half a mile every second day since day 21. It is not pain free but it's not painful in any meaningful way. I was driving my stick shift within three weeks. Keep doing your exercises, remember you are supposed to sleep on your back for 6 weeks and not to try to roll over in bed as it can lead to dislocation and revision surgery. The pain you are experiencing is tissue damage around the hip that needs exercise. The joint itself cant actually hurt as it is artificial and nerveless.

stevedownsrph 16 Nov 2014

Took me 3 weeks to go from walker to cane,2 weeks to nothing

soulla 16 Nov 2014

Mine was a total hipreplacement do u think thats why its taking me longer.i have tried walking without my cane but it hurts and i limp.

kaismama 16 Nov 2014

Everyone is different. Stephen did amazingly good. But exercise is the key. Even tho it hurts walk walk and walk some more. You have to build up the muscle structure around that new hip. My friend was outside walking in without support in a month. She said the pain was then minimal, compared to what she had before surgery.

soulla 16 Nov 2014

thanks for your answer, you said to walk and lots of walking do you mean without any surport? i can walk without surport but it hurts is this normal?

Stephen Treloar 17 Nov 2014

Soulla, if you feel you need a cane to help, it won't hurt to use it. Pain on standing up is normal and so is walking. You will have the limp until your body readjust itself. It feels to me as if the replacement hip has made my leg longer, but when I spoke to the surgeon he showed me on the xray and measured up different bits of bone and demonstrated that the leg was actually 2mm 1/12" shorter. As the left leg had been unable to carry weight for so long I have adjusted to the bad leg; now I have to re-adjust to a good leg. The more you walk the easier it becomes; however, it is painful. I think we forget quite quickly how bad things were before. Little bit by little bit it gets better; after 6 months it should be discomfort free. You don't have to go out and walk half a mile. Try walking until you want to stop then walk home. Try 100 yards each way to start.

Thinking of you.

sue owens 6 Mar 2017

I had both hips were severe osteo had right hip done dec 15. Left hip 9th march i hope to finally be able to walk without so much pain and a cane

Stephen Treloar 27 Mar 2017

Sue, how did it go and how are you feeling? free discount card

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