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Will a hemp topical ointment make me fail a drug test?


DzooBaby 1 March 2013

Hemp is Cannibis sativa, the same as the marijuana plant, but there are varieties that have little THC. THC is the chemical that gets one high when using marijuana and THC is what will trigger a positive result on a drug test. With a well refined oil, this shouldnt be a problem but if the oil is poorly refined and has plant material left clinging to the seeds when pressed it can be possible to have very small amounts of THC but it really shouldnt be enough to trigger a positive result unless it is a very sensitive test. If you use a quality refined product you should have no problems-good question though!

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Hempoil17 1 Feb 2017

I lost my career due to ingesting Hemp oils. I also found out that hemp and marijuana are currently close relatives of the Cannabis Sativa plant family. It may be a low single dose of thc, but it's still thc and it metabolize as thc not cbd. I have lost a great career and I wish I had a legal time that would litigate for my job and there win.

Mrs.Ousley 1 March 2013

No, not at all. Hemp oil does not originate from the marijuana plant. It comes from the hemp plant, which is very similar to the marijuana plant, but does not have the potency that the marijuana plant does. Its harmless so use it with ease.

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