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Have a hard lump near panty line. what could it be?

4 Answers

DzooBaby 20 March 2012

It could also be something like a swollen lymph node but it is defintely something to have your primary Dr look at. Hopefully, it is something benign but if it is something more serious, the earlier it is taken care of the better your odds of recovering easily. As the previous poster said, it could also be something like an ingrown hair. I have seen some get pretty darn big and need to be lanced and there will be a big ole long hair curled up inside there! Ingrown hairs may be tender or they may not be at all-same with lymph nodes. At any rate, schedule an appt with your primary Dr to have it looked at asap.

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smileyhappy 20 March 2012

Hi there,

Sometimes it could be a boil from rubbing on your underwear. They can become very painful. Or if you shave there it could be a ingrown hair. Try to put warm compresses. If it gets worst see a doctor for sure.

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caringsonbj 20 March 2012

I would for sure allow my doctor who addresses these issues to examine this it may be nothing or it may be something that they want to take a tissue sample of just to be on the safe side, I have a relative who had nearly the same thing and that is what they did it was fortunate that it turned out not to be anything of concern but I would far rather be safe than to be sorry Caringsonbj (Billy)

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Marvell 20 March 2012

It could be anything and I would suggest that you get it checked out by your doctor.

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