I’m from England, and had a few questions which I can discuss with my doctor soon but with them being very busy due to the aftermath of COVID I thought I’d delve online for some tips.

I’ve tried many different medications over the years and finally found Effexor XR (or venlafaxine) as it’s known in the UK and that helps the best so far.

I just wonder (other than propranolol) which drug I can use in coordination with Effexor to really help my anxiety as much as possible.

I keep fit, eat healthy and have done CBT therapy but I still feel I need that extra push?

~ Any options, because diazepam (Valium) is amazing but it can become extremely habit forming so please let me know any ideas?

~ One benzo I did hear good things about to usage long term was call clonazepam and would be great if it could be used carefully.