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Does gabapentin make your blood pressure go up?


Inactive 28 Nov 2012

Yes, it can cause High Blood Pressure (hypertension)

Cardiovascular side effects including hypertension have been reported to occur in more than one percent of patients taking gabapentin.

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I suggest you contact your Dr. asap.

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Brenda lee wiley 5 Oct 2016

Thanks! I will do that tomorrow! Brenda

davertontime 14 Jan 2017

Be careful, I had a very bad reaction to it. Ended up in the ER twice with severe blood pressure spikes. I had blood pressure spikes previously but the Gabapentin added chest pain/heaviness on my chest, short labored breathing, and tingling sensations in head and arms to my previous BP issues. It also delayed response of my BP meds to bring my pressure down. I was on low dose, only 100mg 3 times a day. Be careful.

Brenda lee wiley 15 Jan 2017

Thanks for answering my question.And I will be very careful with this medicine. Sincerely, Brenda Wiley

Djtwood1 22 Jan 2017

Will gabapentin run blood pressure up?

uoflfan 22 Jan 2018

I have extremely low blood pressure (hypotension) which Gabapentin lowered. I fainted in the morning after taking it and my doctor immediately took me off of it. If you have ANY blood pressure condition, make sure your prescribing doctor is aware of that before prescribing this medication. Prozasin had the same effect on me.

Timedward 16 Aug 2018

Hi. Please be very careful using Gababintin I pass out and about waking began vomiting blood was rushed to the Emergency room had to be rushed to another hospital was hospitalized for 6 days in ICU received 4 pints of blood had stomach ulcers removed this was all due to being on gabapentin for over 2 years almost passed away very bad drug especially long-term free discount card

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