Decreasing dose for good after being prescribed high doses in 2019. Mania has always been a part of the effects, but I did not know how to recognize it. Irritation aside that it wasn’t identified despite being observed by professionals, I feel like there’s a strong reason to decrease the medication as reasonably fast as possible because it’s severely impacting my ability to sleep. However, I’m not sure if I’m going to make a good decision about how fast to do so without consulting the experiences of people who have done this before. My own experience is that I went too quickly at first under medical guidance and suffered terrible effects. I waited weeks with no relief before I did end m increase it a little again under medical advice. I waited some weeks and then decreased a bit more, and then waited even longer and fell a little less. Should I wait longer periods between tapering as I reduce the doses, or can I reduce the waiting periods to relieve the symptoms of the medication and simultaneously the symptoms of withdrawals by just getting it over with? By the way, a year ago, I experienced a fainting episode of orthostatic hypotension and mania that gave me a concussion directly due to increasing this medication dose. Anyway, my milligram Rx history looks like this: <150, <175, >150, //two years//, 200, //concussion//, 150, //one year//, 100, 125, 100, 87.5 and I have no intention of getting this pattern of irregularity to continue, I want a steady taper off of this mania-inducing medication. I’m in the process of meeting what I hope will be a competent and experienced prescriber, but for tonight and this weekend, I’m on my own. What can I do to make sure I don’t jack up my nervous system function irreparably? Tomorrow it will have been two weeks since the last taper down to 87.5 from 100. The pills are only manufactured or available in as small as 25mg doses, so I’ve been pill-cutting without guiding grooves. However, if there’s another option out there that would be valuable for me to consider moving forward, please respond.