Three days ago I had my Fluoxetine dosage upped from 20mg to 40mg. I haven't had any shifts since this time however I feel awful. Very jittery, shaky, a nasty taste in my mouth, pretty much everything i got when I started with the 20mg. However in two days I'm working a 15 hour shift. I am a care support worker so I care for my clients in their homes. However this particular person is a waking shift, which means no sleep for me. I'm struggling to keep my eyes open at the best of times and on top of the sicky feeling these give me keeping myself awake doesn't sound appealing at all. Its a really nasty battle of feeling restless but tired and sick, very very sick.
Would it be appropriate to inform my boss of my medication change? As I'm worried i may fall asleep on the shift. This is really just asking for advice more on whether or not to inform my workplace but all help would be really appreciated!