I took diflucan one (150mg), on Monday night it is now Wednesday and symptoms have not left. I am still itchy, it hurts when I wipe after I use the bathroom and i still have white/yellow discharge. This is my first yeast infection and I have no clue anything about them. I am just wondering if I should go back to the doctor tomorrow since it is christmas time and the holiday hours make it a bit more challenging. I am also on birth control tricyclen and I just finished antibotics. My last pill for antibotics was Tuesday (1pm) the doctor said it would be fine to still take it even tho I took the diflucan monday night (2:30am). Is this normal? Should I give it so more time? I am uncomfortable when I'm lying in bed, when I am at work I'm always busy so I kinda forget about it. Thank you in advice for the help.