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Can Fleet enema be used safely past the expiration date?

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HellaStuckPoo 26 June 2015

I always line my medicine closet with paper towels as it reminds me of what the 50's must have been like. Opening that door and breathing deeply the aromas of the various pharma items in long term storage is a powerful reminder of just how leaky old packaging can get. I have a Fleet Enema purchased in the summer of 1976 that I barely used over the next decade but sadly has now all but evaporated as the applicator has petrified.
Has anyone had problems bringing Flleet Enemas thru airport security ? Last time i was told to "drink up your water bottles " . Strikes me that wouldn't be a good idea before getting on a plane as I was carrying three Fleets at the time.

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andi555 30 April 2014

Its jus water nd soap or oil so I'm sure it wld b fine.

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Marge937 25 June 2015

If you keep it on a paper towel, it will most likely keep just fine.

DzooBaby 22 Oct 2013

I wouldnt really think that there would be much in a Fleet to go bad and it is not like you are putting it in a sterile place after all. As long as the solution looks clear still, and the packaging is intact, I wouldnt see why not, really.

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