... size. I've had problems with constipation for most of my life, and no diagnosis seems to fit. This is the first time I ever tried an enema. It was approximately 118mL. I lied down on my left side as indicated and held it for... maybe three minutes. It seemed to work- I was able to go a lot, though I still feel bloated. I had no pain during the procedure, but after, including now, I have a lot of abdominal pain, some soreness, some stabbing. I had a lot of trouble urinating yesterday, but that seems a little better today. I'm drinking fluids, Gatorade and water to make up for the possible/likely dehydration. I should probably mention the reason that I gave myself an enema is because my usual laxatives (Senna-S) aren't working because I'm taking antibiotics and heavy pain medicine for a very tough upper respiratory infection I'm getting over. My question is, why am I hurting so much? The reason I tried an enema in the first place was because I read so much about how much better they were for a person than laxatives and less painful. I'm also having a lot of heartburn, but I have GED, so that could be because of something else entirely. Does anyone know what's going on or have tips for next time, (if there is a next time)?