I am living in south africa and suffer from severe depression. My psychiatrist put me 2 weeks ago on dopaquel 25ml that I had to increase every 3 days. Currently I am up to 200mg dopaquel per day. With lamictin 25mg per day (will eventually be on 200mg but must only increase every 14 days) as I seem to "trigger" signs that simulate angina heart problems and that seems to get worse. (which I do suffer from & use medication: cardicor 2,5 & angised for it) I tried to find information and side affects on dopaquel 200mg but no where do I find any information/side affects. I am petrified of using it..It scares me to go sleep as I am scared of a heart attack that brought on/ caused by the dopaquel 200mg I use or the lanictin 25mg..Maybe even the combination oof the 2 together. Please can you give me information??