After a low blood count test result 9.1 Haemoglobin, I took 3 Fersamal tablets per day for three months. Result 15.1 Haemoglbin. On Doctor's advice topped taking the tablets. After 3 months off the iron tablets a blood test showed Haemoglobin on 14.1 but Ferritin Levels (stores) only on 20%, so doctor told me to take 3 iron tablets per week to try to build this back up. At first this was fine, but after two weeks I took a tablet as normal and had some horrible side effects quite severe tingling and stiffness in hands and feet, stiffness in jaw and neck and light nausea. I tried again to take one week later, the same thing happened. I then tried to take half a tablet, the same thing happened but with less severe side effects. I have even tried taking 1/4 of a tablet, again the same side effects. Previously I took three of these per day for three months without any side effects. Is is because I am now past the six month time frame of taking these even though I had a three month break within the six months? Should I just try a different supplement? Or does this mean I have something else that suddenly needs attention that was not present previously?